Carpathian Mountain Roads

Riding off-road through the Carpathian Mountains offers unforgettable moments for adventurous riders looking to explore some of the most beautiful and challenging roads in Europe.

The gravel roads in the Carpathian Mountains offer a thrilling experience for riders who are looking for an off-road adventure. In this tour we will ride also Transfagarasan Road and Transalpina road, two of the most amaizing roads in the whole world.


28.07.2024 – 03.08.2024

Maximum 8 motorcycles on tour.

The first and last days mentioned in the itinerary are the arrival and departure days in and from Bucharest. Book your flights accordingly!

6 days

In total around 1750 km,
In average between 220 km and 350 km daily

Tour starts and ends:


Bucharest, Transfagarasan road, Balea Lake, Transalpina Road, Urdele Pass, Cheia Pass, Brasov, Dracula Castle, Sibiu.

The tour has an easy to advance difficulty level.

Off-road / Adventure riding gear (helmet, boots, gloves, pants and jacket) is mandatory.

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Welcome to Romania!

We will pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel. Bucharest is a city with a vibrating culture, art galleries, museums and a busy nightlife. Known as “Little Paris” with its reputation for the high life, Romania’s largest city and capital Bucharest, offers a historical charm, a large number of museums, art galleries, exquisite Orthodox churches and unique architectural sites. In the evening we will have a welcome special dinner and we will have our briefing.

On this day we focus on the preparation of all participants for what the following days will hold for us; we will learn in Enduropark essential skills for off-road riding as balance and control. In off-road riding, the terrain is often unpredictable and maintaining balance on the motorcycle is essential. You will learn how to shift your weight, position yourself on the motorcycle and use your body to control the motorcycle. You will also learn braking and acceleration techniques on different types of terrain.

It’s time for some wild scenery and country roads. We will discover the beauties of these areas, traversing both off-road routes and winding roads of rare beauty.

We continue our motorcycle tour to Transalpina, the highest mountain road from the entire Carpathian Mountain chain. We ride on fantastic roads and beautiful serpentines at 2145 meters; take pictures of the beautiful landscape of Transalpina road.

It is a perfect playground for demanding motorcyclists, so we’ll experience some off-road roads that seem to have been designed especially for us.

Today we ride through Transfagarasan road. Build at 2042 meters altitude over Fagaras Mountains which are the highest mountains in Romania, Transfagarasan road offers the most spectacular landscape in Europe! Open to the public only a few months per year due to cold weather, Transfagarasan was called by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May from Top Gear as “the most amazing road we have ever seen”! We admire at the end of the road an incredible lake called Balea Lake which is located in the middle of the mountains and make perfect pictures.

We leave the beautiful mountains behind, but not before exploring once more the off-road areas they have to offer. An incredible week is about to end, but we are delighted with everything we saw, created memories with the other participants and discovered amazingly beautiful areas.

Hope that you enjoyed Romania, and we wish you safe journey home.

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